M1503 Respose Pager


The M1503 response pager quickly receives messages, confirms as they are received and read, and enables users to reply as necessary. It features a rechargable battery and up to two week battery life, HiPPA-compliant strong encryption and over-the-air key management, a display readable in direct sunlight as well as complete darkness, and an intuitive user interface. The M1503 works will all Critical Response paging solutions, including the C1011 paging control stack and the M2206 base transceiver (in compatibility mode).

  • Message delivery and read confirmation
  • Multiple-choice reply
  • Display readable in direct sunlight to darkness
  • Strong encryption
  • 5-second message delivery
  • User presence and status
  • Over-the-air time and date
  • Over-the-air configuration and encryption keys
  • Clock with dual alarms
  • Small and lightweight
  • Up to 16 group folders
  • Vibrate, beep, and configuration lock down
  • Low battery indicator
  • Up to 2 weeks between recharging
  • Charging cable for USB or wall adapter
  • Charging/configuration dock (optional)

The M1503 and accessories are available individually and as packaged kits. Please click here for more information.